Bahasa Indonesia: A Must-Learn Before Traveling to Indonesia

One of the most spoken languages in the world is Bahasa Indonesia and is totally fascinating language to to learn. Many international tourists who have travelled to Indonesia observed that they can never really enjoy their stay in the country if they can’t learn the language.

Many travellers around the nation have shared their experiences on their trip to the country, and most of those who have realized that it’s better to go to Indonesia if you know how to speak their language. They’ve realized that learning Bahasa Indonesia is a must before you go to this beautiful country.

Here are two reasons why you will never enjoy your stay in Indonesia if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia:

  • You cannot interact

As much as we need human interaction with people in all walks of life, we definitely cannot do so specially if we are in a different country. Making friends with the warm Indonesian people can be difficult.

Not being able to communicate with the locals is not easy.