What you Can Benefit from Learning Indonesian in Ubud

Learning Indonesian in Ubud

There are many things that you can benefit when considering learning Indonesian in Ubud. Even though you are still not planning to go to Indonesia yet, you can use the knowledge in the future. Someday when the time comes you are standing in front of Museum Nasional, you’ll know what to say to the Indonesian travel guides.

Here are among the other things that you will benefit after learning the Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Read Indonesian Literature

One good benefit from learning the Bahasa is you will be able to read any Indonesian readings. Whether this be Indonesian newspapers, magazines, books, novels, short stories, reading and understanding pieces of literature in Indonesia is an enjoyable experience.

  • Talk to any Indonesian Around

Isn’t it great you can converse to a foreigner visiting your hometown anything under the sun? It is a good way to practice what you’ve learned from your lessons in Bahasa. Anywhere you go meeting an Indonesian in place and be able to talk to him is both comfortable to you and him/her. A clear, comprehensible conversation even with a stranger has always been a good human interaction.

  • Watch Movies in Indonesia Without English Translations

One good benefit you can get learning the Bahasa is you will be able to understand Indonesian movies. You don’t need to go get the English subtitles in DVD or laptops just to watch a decent Indonesian movie. This way you will also be able to figure out how the Indonesian words and phrases are pronounced by the actors and actresses. Regular viewing of Indonesian movies and practicing how words are said can make you an Indonesian language expert eventually.

  • Enjoy Your Travel to Indonesia

The best time to apply the knowledge you’ve learned from your Bahasa education is when you step your foot in Indonesia. You can then begin interacting with the people, read signboards and billboards, names of establishments and institutions. You’re surely enjoy your travel in Indonesia once you have finished learning Indonesian in Ubud.

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